Collaborative Practice

My roles as an artist and an educator are often combined to create collaborative projects with one or many partners. Although my own practice is revolves mainly around painting and printmaking I have worked in collaboration with many other artists. These include filmmakers, sound artists, sculptors and illustrators. Working in this way I have been able to gain a clearer understanding of other artistic disciplines and gain a confidence to implement them in other settings. This experience has also involved working in many public sectors such as parks and hospitals, in which the work created had to be sensitive and relevant to its surrounding environment. This type of work has given me the awareness to work in response to a specific area, and to adapt skills so they are suitable to all those who are involved.

The Dress. London 2016

I took part in a collaborative residency with a young female artists with learning difficulties at the Kentish Town Health Centre. The young artist is a practicing artists who regularly attends Action Space studio projects ( The residency aimed to document how we as artists responded artistically to the clinical environment of the Kentish Town Health centre. It will took place over a three month period and culminated in an exhibition. The project also produced a film which documented the findings throughout the project.

Living Fence. Brighton 2013

I worked with Downs View School in Brighton. We explored nature in the surrounding area through a series of arts workshops using a number of arts mediums from drawing to sculpture. The work created was exhibited in celebratory exhibition at the ONCA gallery in Brighton. This project gave the children the opportunity to explore many arts materials and techniques in a supportive environment. The project also created an interactive exhibition and installation that is accessible and inspirational to a wide-ranging audience.

Epic Trust. Walthamstow. 2005

Working in a residential home for people with learning disabilities to create an interactive sensory room and develop the outdoor areas.

Artist. Vital Arts, Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel. 2003

Developing a scheme of work to create a site-specific artwork for the children’s consultation rooms.

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